Stewart, Alexander (2)

First Generation in the New World


Biographical Notes:
1. I think that this Alexander is actually the same person as Alexander of Charlestown. Teresa Rust
2. IMPORTANT UPDATE! (July 2018)
According to Christopher Gerrard, Pam Graves, Andrew Millard, Richard Annis, and Anwen Caffell, in, Lost Lives, New Voices: Unlocking the Stories of the Scottish Soldiers at the Battle of Dunbar 1650, (England: Oxbow Books, 2018), on page 256, Alexander is categorized as: Doubtful [that he is a Dunbar prisoner transported on the Unity] Stewart, Alexander. Residences: Marlborough MA. Appears: 1688. D.1731. With first appearance in 1688 and death in 1731, he is unlikely to be a Scots prisoner. [Exiles; DR] For explanations of the category, abbreviations and references see List of Dunbar prisoners from Lost Lives, New Voices.

Published: 11 Sep 2018
Updated: 16 Mar 2020
Researchers: Dr. Andrew Millard, Teresa Rust
Editor: Teresa Rust