We’d like to thank the following:

For the Website

Teresa Rust for creating the original website which was begun in April 2013. The descendants of the Scottish prisoners of war who so generously shared their family histories and research to add to the site. The financial generosity of our members in the past few months which enabled us to hire Toni Rome of to create this NEW dynamic website and logo.

The Society Volunteers:

The volunteer members of our society which unofficially began in August 2007 when Eleanor Hall and Teresa Rust started the YAHOO! Email Group (we are now at The society became official on 03 Sep 2016, with David Dunbar as our President and Teresa Rust as Executive Director. In 2018 we added Meg Curry as Secretary, and Sue Raymond as our website Descendants’ Editor and later as our Social Media Coordinator. In 2019 we added Chip Grant as our Research Team Coordinator (along with Steve Denmark and other team members), and more recently Gail Watts has become our Events Coordinator. We wouldn’t be where we are without all of the help from the members mentioned above.  We hope that this will inspire more people, who have the knowledge and expertise, to step up and join our team to make it even better than it already is! 

Our Friends:

The Durham University Scottish Soldiers Project team for their support of our interests and for so graciously including us in the ongoing discoveries made by their professional team.  We would particularly like to thank, Dr. Andrew Millard, of Durham University, for his contributions to our Facebook group and for the assistance he has given to many of our SPOW descendants in their research.  In addition, Andrew has been generous in offering to give tours of the sites in Durham of particular interest to descendants from the Battle of Dunbar

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge, Dr. Arran Johnston, Director of the Scottish Battlefields Trust, and the huge effort he has made in including our descendants in the fabulous Battle of Dunbar reenactments. To learn more about the trust and how you can contribute go to: Scottish Battlefields Trust.

The Y-DNA Project:

John Cleary of Edinburgh, Scotland. In March 2014, Teresa Rust reached out to the Scottish Y-DNA Project administrators to see if they could suggest a person to head up a yDNA Scottish Soldiers project for us and at that time one of their admins, John Cleary, agreed to come on board and help us get a project started. He manages our study while he continues to be a co- administrator for the 11,372 member strong Scottish Y-DNA Project.

For the Beautiful Photo Contributions on:

The HOME Page

The large Dunbar, Scotland reenactment battle scene image was taken by Mhairi Taylor of Loudoun’s at ECWS on the 17th and 18th of September 2016 at Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.

The Four Photos across the bottom from left to right:

  1. Battle of Dunbar: Steve Denmark Illustration of a Rusty Aldwinckle photo
  2. Battle of Worcester Illustration: Machell Stace, 1810 (public domain)
  3. Durham University Scottish Soldiers Project (from their website)
  4. Allan Chown from September 2019, Dunbar, Scotland