John & Sara Passenger List

Published: 07 Mar 2013
Updated: 31 Aug 2020
Editor: Teresa Rust

“Few of the Scots who survived Worcester ever returned home. Thousands of prisoners were “driven like cattle” to London. As one witness described the convoy, “all of them [were] stript, many of them cutt, some without stockings or shoes and scarce so much left upon them as to cover their nakedness, eating peas and handfuls of straw in their hands which they had pulled upon the fields as they passed.” At temporary prison camps in London and other cities, many prisoners died of starvation, disease and infection, while the Council of State debated what to do with the defeated multitudes. A thousand prisoners were put to work draining the fens in East Anglia; 1500 shipped out to the gold mines of Guinea; others were sent to labor in the Barbadoes and Virginia; and in November [1651], 272 Scots were herded aboard the John and Sara, bound for New England.[6]”1

While most of the Worcester Scottish prisoners of war in New England arrived via the ship John and Sara, at least one came individually, as contracted labor:
Individual Contract: Gordon, Alexander – Contract with Master John Cloise.

Passengers on the ship John and Sara:
The list below is an alphabetized compilation of the passengers on the ship John and Sara as printed in the NEHGR in 1847 and in the Suffolk Deeds in 1880.

DSBAP: (Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations by David Dobson c. 1983)
GSCD: (George S. Stewart’s Captured at Dunbar list)
SCS: (The Scots’ Charitable Society of Boston, Massachusetts)
NEHGR, Volume 1, Oct 1847New England Historic Genealogical Society, “Scotch Prisoners Sent to Massachusetts in 1652, by Order of the English Government,”2
NEHGR, Volume 1, Oct 1847: TRANSCRIBED at
SDSuffolk Deeds: Liber -I-II [1629-56] LIST

A list of the passengers aboard the John and Sara of London bound for New England:
Anderson, Alester. SD, NEHGR, DSBAP
Anderson, David. SD, NEHGR, DSBAP
Anderson, John. SD, NEHGR, DSBAP
Anderson, William. SD, NEHGR, Founding member of The Scots’ Charitable Society in 1657.
Banes, William. SD, NEHGR
Beames, William. SD, NEHGR, [Beanes?]
Beme, John. [Bean] of New Hampshire, SD, NEHGR
Benne, James. SD, NEHGR, [Beme?, Bean?]
Bereere, Thomas. SD, NEHGR
Blacke, Dannell. SD, Daniell in NEHGR
Boy, Robert. SD, NEHGR
Boye, John. SD, NEHGR
Brounell, Henry. SD, NEHGR
Brow[ ], John. NEHGR, SD
Buckanen, John. SD, NEHGR, DSBAP
Buckanon, David. SD, “Bukanon” in NEHGR, DSBAP
Camell, James. SD, NEHGR, [Campbell?]
Camell, Neile. SD, NEHGR, [Campbell?]
Cannell, John. SD, NEHGR
Carmackhell, William. SD, NEHGR, [Carmichael?]
Carter, Neile. SD, NEHGR
Clewston, William. SD, NEHGR
Coehon, John. SD, NEHGR [Cowan/Cowen/Cowling]
Crag, John. SD, NEHGR
Cragon, John. SD, NEHGR
Crockford, James. SD, NEHGR (Boston)
Croome, John. SD, NEHGR
Crosshone, Patricke. SD, NEHGR
Curmuckhell, John. SD, Curmickhell in NEHGR
Dell, William. SD, NEHGR
Dengell, William. SD, NEHGR
Dengle, Edward. SD, NEHGR
Dulen, Edward. NEHGR
Edminstreire, John. SD, Edminsteire in NEHGR
English, James.* NEHGR
English, Patrick.* NEHGR
Farfason, James.* NEHGR
Ffossem, Michaell.* NEHGR
Ffressell, Edward.* NEHGR
Ffresell, William.* NEHGR
Gordon, Alexander (NOT ON SHIP) Individual Contract
Gorden, James.* NEHGR)
Gordon, Dan.* NEHGR
Gordon, Laughleth.* NEHGR
Grant, John. NEHGR
Graunt, Alexander.* NEHGR
Graunt, Alester.* NEHGR
Graunt, Dan.* NEHGR
Graunt, James, (1). NEHGR, SD
Graunt, James, (2). NEHGR, SD
Graunt, James, (3). NEHGR, SD
Graunt, John, (1). NEHGR, SD
Graunt, John, (2). NEHGR, SD
Graunt, John, (3). SD
Graunt, Patrick. SD, NEHGR
Graunt, Thomas, (2). NEHGR, SD
Graunt, William. NEHGR, SD
Gunn, Danniell. NEHGR, SD
Gurden, John. NEHGR, SD [Gordon?]
Gurner, James. NEHGR, SD
Hame, George. NEHGR, SD [Home/Hume?]
Hamilton, David.* NEHGR
Hamilton, James.* NEHGR, DSBAP
Hamilton, Rory.* NEHGR, DSBAP
Hanoman, John.* NEHGR, DSBAP
Harron, Patrick.* Patricke in NEHGR
Hedeicke, James.* Hedericke in NEHGR
Hidrecke, William.* NEHGR
Highen, Robert. Higben in NEHGR
Hinne, David. Hinne? in NEHGR
Hogg, Daniell.* NEHGR
Hogg, John, #1. NEHGR
Hogg, John, #2. NEHGR
Hogg, John, #3. NEHGR
Hogg, Neile. NEHGR (No records found at
How, Daniell. NEHGR
Hudson, Dan. NEHGR
Hudson, John. NEHGR
Hume, Alestre. NEHGR (No records found at
Hume, David. NEHGR
Jackson, James. NEHGR
Jackson, Richard. NEHGR
Jackson, Walter. NEHGR
Jacson, Patricke.* NEHGR, [Jackson?]
Jameson, David.* NEHGR (No records found at
Jameson, Neile.* NEHGR
Jamnell, John. NEHGR [Tanniell, John.*?]
Jeller, David. SD, NEHGR
Jenler, John.* NEHGR
Jenler, Robert.* NEHGR
Jerris, Andrew. NEHGR, (Terris, Andrew on the SD list)
Jimson, Patrick. NEHGR, SD, of Oyster River, New Hampshire
Johnson, Neile.* NEHGR
Jones, Patrick. NEHGR, SD
Kallender, David. NEHGR, SD
Kallender, James. NEHGR, SD
Kemper, Danell. NEHGR, SD [Daniel?]
Lesten, Charles. NEHGR, SD
Lowe, Alester.* NEHGR
Machy, Rory.* NEHGR, [Makie?/MacKay?]
Mack[___], Henry.* Mack*** in NEHGR
Mackajne, Dan.* NEHGR, [MacCagney?, Daniel]
Mackajne, Dani.* NEHGR, [Daniel]
Mackajne, Neile.* NEHGR
Mackajne, Robert.* NEHGR
Mackajne, Samuell.* NEHGR
Mackajne, William, #1.* NEHGR
Mackajne, William, #2.* NEHGR
Makalester, Danell. SD, “Makalester” in NEHGR, [MacAlastair?]
Mackalester, John. SD, NEHGR
Mackalinsten, Alnister.* Almister in NEHGR
Mackally, James.* NEHGR
Mackandra, William.* NEHGR
Mackane, John.* NEHGR, [McKenney?] Of Black Point (Scarborough), Maine.
Mackane, Patrick.* Patricke in NEHGR, [McKenney?]
Mackannell, Daniell,*NEHGR [Daniel MacConnell in Directory of Scots…?].
Mackannell, William.*NEHGR, [William MacConnell in Directory of Scots…?].
Mackatherne, Patricke.*
Mackcunnell, Sander.* NEHGR, [Alexander MacConnell? in Directory of Scots...?]
Mackdonell, John.* NEHGR
Makdoell, Sander.* Mackdo[n]ell in NEHGR
Macken, William.* NEHGR
Mackendocke, Daniell.* NEHGR [MacKintock?]
Mackennell, Dan.* NEHGR, [MacConnell?, Daniel]
Mackenthow, John. NEHGR, SD
Macketh, David.* NEHGR
Macketh, Neile.* NEHGR
Mackey, Hugh. SD, NEHGR
Mackey, John.* NEHGR, (GSCD), Dover, NH; Berwick, ME.
Mackey, Sander.* NEHGR, [Alexander?)
Mackfarson, Origlais.* NEHGR, [MacPherson?]
Mackfarson, Robert.* NEHGR
[Ma]ckfarson, _____?.* ***** [Mac]kfarson in NEHGR
Mackforsen, John.* NEHGR, [MacPherson?]
Mackhan, Daniell.* NEHGR, [MacCann?/Machen?]
Mackhane, Robert.* NEHGR, [MacCain?]
Mackhatherne, Patricke. NEHGR
Mackhele, Alester.* NEHGR
Mackhell, James.* NEHGR
Mackhellin, Dan.* NEHGR, [McCallum?]
Mackhellin, John.* NEHGR, [McCallum?]
Mackhene, Alester. NEHGR, SD
Mackhoe, Dan.* NEHGR
Mackholme, John.*NEHGR [John Maccolm in Directory of Scots…?]
Mackhome, David. SD, NEHGR [David Maccolm in Directory of Scots…?]
Mackie, Hill. SD, NEHGR [Mackey/McKey?]
Mackjlude, Murtle. SD, NEHGR [Mordecai McLeod], Brother to John.
Macklude, John. SD, NEHGR [John McLeod], Brother to Mordecai.
Macklyne, [_____]. SD, NEHGR
Mackneile, Dan.* NEHGR
Mackneile, James.* NEHGR
Mackneile, Patrick.* Patricke in NEHGR
Macknell, [___]ster.* NEHGR
Macknell, Daniell.* NEHGR
Macknester, Allester.* NEHGR
Mackneth, Sennell.* Semell in NEHGR, [Samuel?]
Macknith, Daniell, #1.* NEHGR
Macknith, Daniell, #2.* NEHGR
Macknith, Patricke. NEHGR, SD
Mackone, Neile.* Mackhone in NEHGR, [Neil Maccone? in Directory of Scots…?]
Mackonne, Senly. NEHGR, SD
Mackontoss, William.* NEHGR, [MacIntosh?]
Mackreith, James.* NEHGR, [MacCreith?]
Mackrore, Alestre.* NEHGR [MacRory?]
Macktentha, Cana.* NEHGR
Macktomas, Glester.* NEHGR
Macktreth, Patrick.* NEHGR
Mackunnell, (_____).* NEHGR
Mackurnall, Cana.* Mackcurnall in NEHGR, [Cana MacConnell? in Directory of Scots…?]
Mackwell, Dan.* NEHGR
Mackwilliam, Gellust.* NEHGR [MacWilliam?]
Mann, Daniell.* NEHGR
Mann, John.* NEHGR
Mann, Patrick.* NEHGR
Martjn, Dan.* NEHGR, [Martin?]
Michell, James.* NEHGR, [Mitchell?]
Mickell, James.* NEHGR
Micknab, James.* NEHGR, d. at Dedham, MA; m. SARAH ROPER.
Miller, Sander.* NEHGR, [Alexander?]
Milleson, Sander.* NEHGR
Milward, David.* NEHGR
Milward, James.* NEHGR
Monlow, Daniell.* NEHGR
Monrow, Hugh.* NEHGR
Monrow, John.* NEHGR
Monrow, Robert.* NEHGR
Monrow, [_____].* NEHGR [William of Cambridge and Lexington, MA)
Montrosse, Laughlell.* NEHGR
Monwilliam, Daniell.* NEHGR
Monwilljam, David.* NEHGR
Moore, James.* NEHGR
More, (_____).* NEHGR
Morre, John, #1.* NEHGR, [Moore?]
Morre, John, #2.* NEHGR, [Moore?]
Morrot, Saunder.* Sannder in NEHGR
Morton, Patrick.* Patricke in NEHGR
Muckstore, Neile.* NEHGR
Munckrell, William.* NEHGR
Murrow, James.* NEHGR
Murrow, John, #1.* NEHGR
Murrow, John.* NEHGR
Murrow, Jonas.* NEHGR
Murrow, Neile.* NEHGR
Oneale, Daniel. SD, NEHGR
Patterson, David. SD, NEHGR
Pattinson, James. SD, NEHGR, Y-DNA Study
Perry, George. SD, NEHGR
Punn, Edward. SD, NEHGR
Quenne, George. SD, NEHGR, [Quinn?]
Querne, Amos. SD, NEHGR
Rallendra, Alester. SD, NEHGR
Robertson, Patricke. SD, NEHGR
Robinson, Alester.* NEHGR
Robinson, Charles.* NEHGR
Robinson, Daniell.* NEHGR Y-DNA Study
Robinson, James.* NEHGR
Robinson, John, #1.* NEHGR
Robinson, John, #2.* NEHGR
Ross, Alester. NEHGR, SD
Ross, Dan.* NEHGR
Ross, David.* Rosse in NEHGR
Ross, James, #1.* NEHGR, of Sudbury, Massachusetts.
Ross, James, #2.* NEHGR
Ross, Jonas.* NEHGR
Rosse, John, #1.* NEHGR, of Bloody Point (Newington), Maine.
Rosse, John, #2.* NEHGR
Rosse, John, #3.* NEHGR
Rowe, James.* NEHGR
Roye, Donald.* NEHGR
Russell, Sjmon.* NEHGR, [Simon?]
Scott, John. SD, NEHGR
Sessor, Daniell.* NEHGR
Sherron, Ansell.* NEHGR
Shinne, John.* Shenne in NEHGR
Shiva[ ], Sam.*
Shone, [J]ames.* NEHGR
Shuron, Dan.* NEHGR
Simson, Alester.* NEHGR, [Simpson?, Alastair ?]
Simson, Daniell, #1.* NEHGR
Simson, Dan, #2.* NEHGR
Simson, David.* NEHGR, [Simpson?]
Simson, Sander.* NEHGR, [Simpson?, Alexander?].
Sinclare, Salamon.*NEHGR [Solomon St. Claire?]
Smison, Patrick.* Patricke in NEHGR, [Simson?]
Smith, Henry.* NEHGS; DSBAP
Sotherland, Ansel.* NEHGR
Sotherland, Patrick.* NEHGR, [Sutherland?]
Sterling, David.* NEHGR
Sterling, John.* NEHGR
Stewart, Austin.* NEHGR
Stewart, Cha.* NEHGR, [Charles]
Stewart, Neile. NEHGR, SD
Stewart, Robert. NEHGR, SD
Stewart, William. NEHGR, SD. Incorrectly listed on Stewart’s list as Captured at Dunbar
Tanniell, John.* Could be John Jamnell?
Teller, William.* NEHGR
Tenler, David.* NEHGR
Tiler, Evan.* NEHGR, [Taylor/Tyler?]
Timson, Patrick.* [Jameson?] No Known Descendants
Tompson, Alexander.* NEHGR, [Thompson?]
Tooth, Alester.* NEHGR
Tower, Patricke.* NEHGR
Wallis, Nicholas.* NEHGR, [Wallace?]
Wilson, Andrew.* NEHGR
Wilson, Christopher. NEHGR
Wilson, John, #1. NEHGR
Wilson, John, #2. NEHGR
Woodall, John. NEHGR
Woodell, John. NEHGR, [Wattles?]
[_____], Allester. NEHGR
[_____], Daniel. Daniell ***** in NEHGR
[_____], Patricke.
[_____], Patricke. Patricke ***** in NEHGR
*****, Patricke. NEHGR
[_____], P____. P**** ***** in NEHGR
[_____, _____], #1. “***** *****” in NEHGR
***** *****. #2 NEHGR
***** *****. #3 NEHGR
[_____], ____6?

Suffolk Deeds
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