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Historical Fiction: Fictional accounts of the Scottish prisoners of war. Includes Juvenile links to wonderfully written stories by Mary Stetson Clarke, who was born on December 27, 1911 in Melrose, Massachusetts, the daughter of Horace and Mabel Pitts (Russell) Stetson. She was a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, and inspired by local history to write several outstanding historical novels and works of nonfiction for young people. She was graduated from Boston University with a degree in English Literature, and worked in newspapers for many years. She died in November 1994 at the age of 82

Historical Non-Fiction: Assorted historical books including some family histories of Scottish prisoners of war.


George Sawin Stewart’s lists: photocopies of, –Scotch Prisoners- 1650/1., Scots at Lynn 1653., Iron Works Inventory, and Captured at Dunbar 112, Sept. 3 1650, Deported Nov 1650 – with 115 others.  These documents are part of the The Bartlett Collection housed in the R. Stanton Avery Special Collections Department at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, Massachusetts. They were found by the late Daniel G. Jenkins of Weymouth, Massachusetts, on Teresa Rust’s behalf, in the fall of 2007.

John and Sarah Passenger List in the New England Historic Genealogical Society, “Scotch Prisoners Sent to Massachusetts in 1652, by Order of the English Government,” The New England historical and genealogical register, Vol. 1, Oct. 1847, No. 4, 378-379.

Suffolk Deeds, vol. I (1653)
by Suffolk County (Mass.); Boston (Mass.). Board of Aldermen; Trask, William Blake, 1812-1906; Bradish, Frank, Eliot; Drew, Charles A; Small, A. Grace
Published 1653
This 1880 printed version of the Suffolk Deeds contains the original list of the John and Sarah prisoners. Page numbers are not visible, but use the slider at the bottom to move along to page 63, where the list can be seen.

Calendar of State Papers Domestic (Commonwealth)
Other volumes in the state papers series, from before and following the volume below, can be accessed from this link to the Internet Archive. They’re not in date order, so it’s necessary to click and try to find the relevant vols, but the vols for 1650and 1650-51 covers Dunbar, and the vol for 1651-52 continues the story of the plight of the Worcester prisoners.  Indexes at the back of each volume help to navigate.

Calendar of State Papers Domestic, 1651
Calendar (i.e. a chronological list with summaries of contents) of state documents from the Commonwealth, listing the actions of the Council of State.  Published in 1877, this takes in the Battle of Worcester, and the Preface covers the background to the battle.  Several entries in the volume refer to the actions taken to “dispose” of the Scottish prisoners.

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