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Published: 23 Jan 2015, Updated: 28 Feb 2019
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DNA Studies:
Scottish POW: Group 1-B, Haplogroup R-L21
Hamilton Surname: Group R1b-5; Judy and Teresa’s male line has been tested by Robert Hughes and found to be L-1335, “commonly known as STR47-Scots or the ‘Scots Cluster’.” “found particularly in western Scotland, but also as far north as the Orkney Islands and Sutherland. There is also a cluster emerging in Wales.”

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Ancestry.com Online Tree: Descendants of John Hamilton of Charlestown
Yahoo Email Group: John Hamilton of Charlestown, Mass. (c 1634-c 1681)

Individual Report:
Individual Report for John Hamilton

Cathy Lane says on June 30, 2018 at 10:45 pm:
“I just about panicked until I realized I had left out one generation!!
John (1), John (2), John (3),
Silas 1735-1816 m. Hannah Hoyt Silas is one of my DAR patriots.
Amos 1784-1867 m. Mary Fuller
Lydia 1728-1892 m. Leonard Manwaring
Charles Manwaring 1855-1929 m, Flora Belle North
Jessie Bell Manwaring 1887-1974 m. Amasa J Teed My grandparents
Charles F Teed 1914-2001 m. Lois A Ackert My parents”
Catherine Lane

#1. What is the maiden name of John’s wife, Christian? (“The Great Migration, page 412. “CHRISTIAN, b. Concord 15 March 1645/6 [CoVR 3]; no further record. (She may, however, have married James Hamilton and had with him son John, born at Concord 1 March 1667/8, and son Joseph, born there 9 January 1671/2 [CoVR 14, 16]. The chronology is right, and no other woman named Christian is found at Concord this early.“)
Christian the daughter of Robert & Christian Edwards bourne 15 (1) 1645. Recorded at Boston page 3.

#2. Who was John¹ Hamilton’s master/owner?

We also have a reference of John Hamilton as a prisoner from Dunbar in a VT gazeteer, John is identified in a biography of the Stafford family as a prisoner of war from the Battle of Dunbar as well. It states: “[Abbie Mather Hamilton, wife of Joseph Gilbert Stafford ] is a lineal descendant of John Hamilton (1) who was one of the Scotch prisoners of war taken by Cromwell at the battle of Dunbar, September 3, 1650, and sent to this country. He was given a grant of land in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1658; in 1669 he was in Concord, where he died in 1680. He married Christian (name unknown) and their children born in Concord, were John, born, March 1, 1668, and Joseph, born January 9, 1671.”

Carleton, Hiram, Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of the Commonwealth and the Founding of the Nation, Volume II, (New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1903) 203-204. (Available for free as a Google eBook.)

Working Notes:

Clark, Frank M., article written. (current location unknown, possibly from the NEHGR, Vol. 3, 241-242). (1897) says, “An inventory of the estate of John Hamilton, lately deceased.” No place or date is given but the dwelling house mentioned in this inventory, was at “Elm Brook Meadow [Concord, Mass.].” This inventory occupies the lower half of a page and the preceding entry is dated 1681.” “Therefore we can say it was entered after 1681, possibly, several years after that date.”

Dobson, David. Scots in New England, 1623-1873., (Genealogical Publishing Co., 2002.), 92.

Silas Hamilton birth and marriage Hannah Hoit name Citation: The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, V.1-8 (Online database: AmericanAncestors.org, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2013), (Orig. Pub. by Frank J. Doherty, Pleasant Valley, NY. Frank J. Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York: An Historical and Genealogical Study of All the 18th Century Settlers in the Patent, ten volumes. 1990–2003), 131. (http://www.americanancestors.org/databases/beekman-patent-the-settlers-of-vols-1-8-dutchess-co-ny/image/?volumeId=12176&pageName=131&rId=137663115)