Anderson, Alester

Battle:Battle of Worcester in Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Ship/Arrival:John & Sara, May 1652
Prisoner and List:
Name Variations:Alastair, Alester

Similar surnames in lists:
Anderson, David. SD, NEHGR, DSBAP
Anderson, John. SD, NEHGR, DSBAP
Anderson, William. SD, NEHGR, Founding member of The Scots’ Charitable Society in 1657.
Residences:Virginia (Possible)
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Published on: 23 Feb 2020
Updated: 18 Mar 2020
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Alester” Anderson, found on the John & Sara Passenger List: Alester Anderson” New England Historic Genealogical Society, “Scotch Prisoners Sent to Massachusetts in 1652, by Order of the English Government,” The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 1, Oct. 1847, No. 4, 378-379; Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, Call Number 31833017239275, digitized by Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center. Also at

Anderson, Alastair, Royalist soldier captured at Worcester. Transported on John and Sarah, master John Greene, from Gravesend 13 May 1652 to Boston (NER)” SEE: Dobson, David. Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775,

First Generation in the New World

1. ALESTER ANDERSON, was born in Scotland.

Biographical Notes:
1. Alester/Alastair Anderson was a prisoner of war captured at the Battle of Worcester on 03 Sep 1651 and transported to Boston on 13 May 1652.
2. His indenture may have been sold to a Virginian, Edward Dobson in 1653. See Early Virginia Immigrants.
3. There is an Alexander Anderson found in Virginia in 1653:
Anderson, Alexander, arrived in VA in 1653 and was indentured to Edward Dobson.


name listed in document
Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666, by George Cabel Greer, Clerk Virginia State Land Office, Richmond, VA, 1912. FREE Google eBook.