Hamilton, David

Battle:Battle of Worcester in Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Ship/Arrival:John & Sara, May 1652
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“David Hamilton” is a name found on, A list of the passengers aboard the John and Sarah of London John Greene Mr. bound for New England, dated 11 Nov 1651. ~ Suffolk Deeds, LIBER I., Massachusetts, 1880. Google Books Online

Name Variations: Hambleton

Photo contributed by Jon Grant.
Contributed by Jon Grant: “A few weeks ago, I returned from my one and only trip to New England. During my visit to the Durham Historic Association in Durham, New Hampshire, I was searching for additional references to my Peter Grant in Oyster River (present day Dover, New Hampshire). Instead, I found James Grant on a map in an area called Salmon Falls. That area is now called Rollinsford, New Hampshire. I was told to visit that area by the locals because of its beauty. I was not disappointed. Interestingly enough, James’ land wasn’t too far away (as the crow flies across the Salmon River) from where Peter was eventually buried in South Berwick, Maine. In my drive through the area, I came across a marker for David Hamilton, SPOW. I took a picture and the following is the text, as laid out on the marker which I found on Sligo Road in Rollinsford, New Hampshire.”

First Generation in the New World

1. DAVID¹ HAMILTON, was born in Scotland between 1620-1630 and was killed at Newichwannock, near Dover, Maine on 28 Sep 1691/2, by Native Americans. 1 He married at Dover, New Hampshire on 14 Jul 1662, ANNA JACKSON/JAXSON, 2 a daughter of RICHARD JACKSON, a Scottish prisoner of war (SPOW).

Biographical Notes:
1. David HAMMILTO, HAMMILTON signed a petition of New Hampshire Settlers on 20 Feb 1689. 32. Supposedly, Anna was the daughter of Richard Jackson (also a Scottish POW from the John & Sarah). She was born in Lanark, Scotland.~ Not confirmed
3. “David Hambleton maryed to Annah Jaxson July 14 16[torn]”4

Children of David and Anna (Jackson) Hamilton:
2. i. DAVID² HAMILTON, b. about 1664
2. ii. SOLOMON² HAMILTON, b. 10 Aug 1666
2. iii. GABRIEL² HAMILTON, b. about 1668
2. iv. ABIAL or BIAL HAMILTON, b. about 1670
2. v. JONATHAN² HAMILTON, b. 20 Dec 1672
2. vi. ABEL² or ABELL HAMILTON b. about 1676
2. vii. JONAS² HAMILTON, b. about 1679

Second Generation

2. i. DAVID² HAMILTON, (David¹), b. about 1664

2. ii. SOLOMON² HAMILTON, (David¹), b. 10 Aug 1666

2. iii. GABRIEL² HAMILTON, (David¹), was born 1668 and died after 22 Sep 1729 (will date). He married MARY HEARL.

Children of Gabriel and Mary (Hearl) Hamilton:
3. i. GABRIEL³ HAMILTON, (Gabriel², David¹)
3. ii. MARY HAMILTON, (Gabriel², David¹), (died young)
3. iii. HANNAH³ HAMILTON, (Gabriel², David¹),
3. iv. JOHN³ HAMILTON, (Gabriel², David¹),
3. v. PATIENCE³ HAMILTON, (Gabriel², David¹),
3. vi. JONATHAN³ HAMILTON, (Gabriel², David¹), bap. 4 Aug 1715
3. vii. KATHERINE³ HAMILTON, (Gabriel², David¹), bap. 29 May 1718

2. iv. ABIAL or BIAL HAMILTON, (David¹), b. about 1670

2. v. JONATHAN² HAMILTON, (David¹), b. 20 Dec 1672

2. vi. ABEL² HAMILTON, (David¹) was born in Newichawannock, about 1676. He married, DEBORAH (_____).

Children of Abel and Deborah (_____) Hamilton:
3. i. BENJAMIN³ HAMILTON, (Abel², David¹),
3. ii. JOSEPH³ HAMILTON, (Abel², David¹),
3. iii. MARY³ HAMILTON, (Abel², David¹),

2. vii. JONAS² HAMILTON,(David¹), b. about 1679

Third Generation

3. BENJAMIN³ HAMILTON, (Abel², David¹) was born in Berwick, Maine prior to 1719. He married in Berwick on 27 Oct 1747, EXPERIENCE WALKER.

Children of Benjamin and Experience (Walker) Hamilton:
4. i. BENJAMIN HAMILTON, (Benjamin³, Abel², David¹), bap. 13 Feb 1750
4. ii. ABIGAIL HAMILTON, (Benjamin³, Abel², David¹), bap. 4 May 1755
4. iii. JAMES HAMILTON, (Benjamin³, Abel², David¹), bap. 19 Aug 1756
4. iv. ABEL HAMILTON, (Benjamin³, Abel², David¹), bap. 29 Mar 1759
4. v. RICHARD HAMILTON, (Benjamin³, Abel², David¹), bap 1 Nov 1761
4. vi. JOHN HAMILTON, (Benjamin³, Abel², David¹), born 20 Jan 1766; bap. 23 Feb 1767

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On 3 Jan 2017, Jack Hamilton wrote: “David Hamilton was my 8th Great Grandfather. According to our family history he was indeed on the John and Sara and sold into indentured servitude to a sawmill in Southern New Hampshire. He eventually settled in Rollingsford, New Hampshire and started our branch of the Hamiltons in America.”

Hamilton, Samuel King. The Hamiltons of Waterborough (York County, Maine) Their Ancestors and Descendants (Boston: Murray and Emery Company, 1912) (At openlibrary.org)

Cutter, William Richard. Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation, Volume 2, Part 1 (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911), 683-685. (A FREE Google eBook)

Contributed by: Jon Grant –
Coat of Arms
Et arma et virtus
Near this place lived
Born in the parish of Cambuslang,
Scotland, in October, 1620; captured
By Oliver Cromwell at the Battle of
Worcester, England, September 3, 1651;
Brought to America as a prisoner
In chains on the “John and Sarah”
In the same year; settled near here
And married ANNAH JAXSON
Of Lanark, Scotland; killed by
Indians on September 28, 1691.

The following was submitted by Shawnlee von Lunen:
“Under David since the other researcher has some we don’t need to repeat:
The History of The Town of Durham New Hampshire
Source Historical and genealogical Reg, N.E.H.G. Gen. Soc of Boston. Samuel Drake Publisher 1847 Vol 1 – 50 ( Oct 1847 pages 378- 379)
“London This 11th of November , 1651; Captain Jojn Greene; “Wee whose names are under written frighters of your shipe the Joh and Sara doe order yow forthwith as winde & weather shall permitt to sett sajle for Boston in New England $ there deliver our Orders and Servants to Tho kemble of charles Towne to be disposed of by him according to orders wee have sent him in the behalfe & wee desire yow to Advise with the said Kemble about all that may be concerne that whole Intended bojage using you Jndeavo’s with the said Kemble for the speediest lading your shipp from New Eng, to the barbadoes with porvisions $ such other things as are in N.E. fot fo the West Indies where yow are to deliver them to Mr. Charles Rich to be disposed of by him for the Joinet accont of the frightr’s & so to be Retou’ned home in stocke vndevided thus desiring wee remajme your loving friends Sinatum et Recognitum John Beex Rob’t Rich Will Greene in pneia Jo Nottock: notar Publ; 13 May 1652 Entred & Recorded Edward Rawson Recorder

After the Battle of Worcester, the prisoners were marched to London and confined there for a few months on the artillery grounds at Tuthill fields, which were about a half mile from Westminster Palace. Here they were allowed daily rations of a pound of bread and a half a pound of cheese. Shelter is thought to be provided only for the sick.

Susan Grady added this After the ship landed, a person bought the prisoners and paid the ship’s captain twenty pounds British sterling for each prisoner. This was the cost of the ship’s passage for one prisoner. The prisoner then had to work for this man from six to eight years as an indentured servant.

(actually cost for passage was about 2 pounds the rest was profit)

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 44, By Rev Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, of New York City

David Hamilton was the immediate ancestor of the Hamilton family of Dover, and Somersworth, New Hampshire and Berwick, Maine

He was of Dover, New Hampshire and married at Saco, Maine in 1662, Anna Jackson, probably closely related to Eleanor Jackson and her son John, planters to whom Henry Joycelyn deeded land in York Co., Maine, 20 May 1663.

The other researcher covered marriage of Gabriel and Mary Hearl daughter of William and Elizabeth Hearl

couldn’t remember if he added this:

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 44

Maine and Nova Scotia Hamiltons

Page 362-363

Gabriel Hamilton of David married 1st ca 1705, Mary a daughter of William Hearl Sr and his wife Elizabeth. He father made his will 9 Aug 1718 (probated 16 June1730 in which he leaves property to the children of his daughter, Mary Hamilton , deceased, To his granddaughter Patience Hamilton he leaves a feather bed and bolster.

Gabriel married 2nd 24 May 1721, Judith (Lord) Meeds, daughter of Nathan and Martha (Tozer) Lord of Berwick, widow of Benjamin Meeds. She was born 29 Mar 1687, and is mentioned in her fathers will made 6 July 1733 (probated 24 Sept 1733). Her uncle Richard Tozer, Jr born 1660 married Elizabeth daughter of William Wentworth, the founder of the Wentworth family in America. He was her second husband. Judith’s brother Capt Samuel Lord married Martha Wentworth (Paul2, William1). Judith was one of 11 children.

By his first married Gabriel had Gabriel, Mary, Hannah, John, Patience, Jonathan, Katherine

By his second marriage he had

Mary, Martha, Margaret and Olive baptised 6 May 1731. All in the First Parish

Extract of the Will of Gabriel Hamilton I also give to my said wife (Judith) all the income of the stock of cattle and other creatures that I shall have at my decease during the aforesaid term of 10 years, and at the end of said term the one half of the prinicpal stock and the other half to be my son Jonathan’s and all other personal estate of mine and my said wife shall have during the ten years, and at the end of the said term divided equally between my wife and my said son Jonathan.

Item I give and bequeath to my said son Jonathan my house, barn and lands at the home place where I now live, excepting what I shall give to my daughters Hannah and Mary out of the same, he my said son Jonathan to possest, when the forementioned term of 10 years has expired, of one half there of, and half the stock of creatures and moveable goods, being the personal estate afore said, and the other half thereof at the end of my wifes widowhood, and life, as is before expressed, and he m soad son Jonathan shall pay to my 5 daughters viz.: Patience, Katherine, Martha, Margaret and Olive, each of them 10 pounds in money or cattle at a just value, within 12 months of the decease of my wife and the time of his having the whole of the estate herein given him.

The above author states: In my manuscript notes in the Library of New England Historical Society, will be found many notes of deeds of land of these sons of David Hamilton or deeds given by them.

In these Abels name appears in 1699, Gabriels in 1701, Jonas in 1702, Abeils in 1703, Gabriels in 1703, Abiels in 1703, James in 1705 and 1707, Abiels in 1708, Abels in 1709, Abiels in 1710 and 1712, Abels in 1712, Abiels in 1713. These notices I obtained through Rev. Dr Quint of Allston, Mass.

In the N H State Papers were various notices of the family of more or less importance-see volumes 2, 3, 9, 14, 15.

From 1642 to 1699 there was not a Hamilton mentioned in the York Deeds

Of the family of Gabriel alone have I been able to collect complete records. His will is printed in the Maine Wills, and the records of his family and descendants have been kept more connectedly than those of the other branches of the family. (he goes on to talk of the other branches records)

He also used these records for David and Gabriel:

Folsom’s Hisotry of Saco and Biddeford, page 187

York Deeds, Part I, Folio 136, 142

Maine Wills page 16

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. I, Folio 5, 6

Anderson’s Memorials of the House of Hamilton, pp 392, 3

New Hampshire State Papers

In 1913 New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the …, Volume 4, page 1684

This additional information was published:

2. Gabriel, a son of David Hamilton was born in 1679 and lived in Berwick, Maine. He owned much property in Berwick and some in New London, Connecticut.

He and his wife Mary joined the church at Berwick Sept 6, 1713.

His will was dated Sept 22, 1729 and proved Apr 30, 1730.

He married first about 1705, Mary Hearl who died before Aug 9, 1718, daughter of William Sr and Elizabeth Hearl.

He married 2nd May 24, 1721, Judith (Lord) Meeds born Mar 29, 1689, daughter of Nathan and Martha (Toxer) Lord of Berwick and the widow of Benjamin Meeds.

Children of his first wife the first 5 were baptised Sept 6, 1713

Gabriel, Mary died young, Hannah, John , Patience, Jonathan bapt Aug 4, 1715 Katherine baptised May 29, 1718

Children of the second marriage: Mary Baptised Aug 27, 1724; Martha baptised the same day, Margaret baptised the same day, and Olive baptised May 6, 1731

Maine Genealogists: (A snippet) from in addition to signalling births, the fornication charges allow us to narrow down the date of marriage. Gabirel Hamilton suspension occurred only 5 months after his marriage to Judith Meeds, and undoubtedly Judith had given birth in the interim. Judith was not charged by the church becuase she was not a member.

More about Anna JACKSON:

Born: abt. 1641, Hamilton Townshp, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Death: Aft 1669, Dover, New Hampshire

iv. Gabriel Hamilton

Born: 10 Aug 1668, Rollinsford, Dover, New Hampshire


Marriage: Mar 1702/03 to Mary Hearl

2nd: 24 May 1721, Berwick, , York, Maine to Judith Lord

Died: 1730, York, , Maine

More about Judith Lord:

Born: 29 MAR 1687/abt. 1700, Berwick, York, Maine


Died: 1775, Bernick, , York, Maine

Children of Gabriel Hamilton and Judith Lord:

i. Mary Hamilton

ii. Martha Hamilton

iii. Olive Hamilton

Olive above born between Dec 1730-1731 married John Knight born ca 1721 the son of Grindall and possibly Mary Harris

They were married June 2, 1748

The Baxter Manuscripts, volume 9-24, the Lefavor Tower Publishing Company, Portland, Maine Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Alderman Libra

After this my line goes from Olive and John Knight

through daughter Judith Knight born 11 Dec 1763 in Berwick, York, Maine died 3 May 1838 in Limington, York, Maine. She married William Wentworth born 7 Apr 1762 in Limington, York, Maine and died 6 Apr 1862, Limington, York, Maine a son of Joseph Wentworth and Eunice Shorey

Judith Knight and William Wentworth had:

Benjamin Wentworth born 2 Jan 1793 in Limington, York, Maine who married Sally Bryant born 23 Apr 1793 in Saco, York, Maine died 21 Aug 1821 Limington, York, Maine. Sally was a daughter of Ephraim Bryant Jr and Martha Kimball

Benjamin Wentworth and Sally Bryant had:

Ephraim Wentworth born 21 Sept 1819 Limington, York, Maine and died bet 1880-1884 Paint, Somerset, Pennsylvania he married Mary Jane Sawyer 1836 Limington, York Maine and died bet 1884-1900 Paint, Somerset, Pennsylvania

Ephraim Wentworth and Mary Jane Sawyer had:

Augusta Nancy Wentworth born 1861 Maine died 2 Oct 1887 Scalp Level, Cambria, Pennsylvania. who married Joseph W Seese 23 Dec 1852 Paint, Somerset, Pennsylvania died 2 Sept 1923 Ogle, Somerset, Pennsylvania

Augusta Nancy Wentworth and Joseph W Seese had:

Mary Lizabeth Seese born 25 Jan 1885 Paint, Somerset, Pennsylvania died 12 Mar 1979 Cambria, Pennsylvania she married Henry Calvin Custer born 1 Mar 1885 Somerset, Pennsylvania and died 10 June 1956 Paint, Somerset, Pennsylvania

Mary L Seese and Harry C Custer had:

Patricia Lou Custer (living) married George Von Lunen III born 13 July 1930 died 7 Mar 2004 Salix, Pennsylvania

The next 4 generations living

I included a few sources for the first few generations but of course I have sources for the other generations if someone needs them.

MARCH 2018:
Shared by Robert Doughty () in March 2018:
“I’m not sure this is the same family, but the Province and Court Records of Maine, Volume 1, Page 272 show Thomas Doughty (my ancestor) was a grand jury member, September 18, 1666 in court at Cascoe and Kittery, Maine. At this court session, Thomas Chick was indicted for misbehavior. Thomas Chick and Thomas Doughty engaged themselves in a bond of 10 pounds that Chick “shall be of good behavior towards all persons, especially toward the wife of Davie Hamilton.”

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