Mackhome, David

Battle:Battle of Worcester in Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Ship/Arrival:John & Sara, May 1652
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Published: 30 March 2016
Updated: 21 Oct 2018
Page contributors: Teresa Rust, Kenneth Whittemore

Mackhome, David., on the John and Sara passenger list in NEHGR; could he be the “David Maccolm in Directory of Scots”…?

Name Variations: Comee, Comey, Comy, Mackhome, Macomey, and McComey.

First Generation in the New World

1. DAVID¹ MACKHOME/COMEY, was born, presumably in Scotland and died in 1676. He married, first, at Woburn/Concord by 1661, ELIZABETH (_____). He married, second, at Charlestown on 6 Sep 1671, HESTER/ESTHER HARVEY.

Sources and Notes:
On 21 Oct 2018, Kenneth Whittemore shared:
“Like a lot of SPOW’s arriving in Boston, on the ‘Unity’ and ‘John and Sara’, identification is complicated, my one identified SPOW from Worcester was David Comee. Only his first name is consistant, also known as MackHome, McComey, Macomey, Comy and Comey. According to Clan MacThomas, four of their people were on the ‘John and Sara’, David MackHome, John MackHolme, Glester MackTomas and Alexander Tompson…what the Clan says about the SPOW list, “The phonetic spelling of the names is based upon what an English speaking recorder thought that he heard the Gaelic speaking Highlanders pronounce. Additionally, the Clan Chief Andrew MacThomas of Finegand suggests that the individual listed as “Glester MackTomas” should perhaps be understood to be “Alistair” as “Glester” does not mean anything and is not a recognizable Scottish Christian name. Therefore, due to the phonetic spelling referenced above, perhaps these four men are better understood to be David McComie, John McColm, Alistair MacThomas and Alexander Thomson” Makes it challenging to perform online searches, even with soundex.”~ Kenneth

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