Sterling, David

Battle:Battle of Worcester in Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Ship/Arrival:John & Sara, May 1652
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Published on: 09 Dec 2014
Updated: 03 Sep 2018

David Sterling is found on “a list of passengers aboard the John and Sarah of London” found in the Suffolk Deeds.

Suffolk Deeds

First Generation in the New World

1. DAVID¹ STERLING, was born, possibly in Hertfordshire, England about 1612 to 1622 and died at Charlestown (now Boston), Massachusetts in 1691.

Children of David and (_____) Sterling:
WILLIAM² STERLING, became a “freeman” in Massachusetts on May 11, 1681.

Sources and Notes:
Submitted by Janet per request at Facebook page:
“David Sterling was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1612/22 to James Stirling/Sterling from Keir, Scotland. David was one of the 272 Scottish Prisoners of the English Civil War, (Battle of Worcester), sent by Oliver Cromwell’s forces aboard The John and Sarah to the American Colonies (Charlestown, Mass) in 1651/52.** According to {*The Genealogical and Family History of Wyoming and Lackawanna Valley – Volume 1., pg 348. by: Horace E. Hayden, Alfred Land, and John Woolf Jordan} David Sterling died in Charlestown, Mass., in 1691. His Bankell/Hertfordshire Arms are listed in J. Matthew’s American Armoury and Blue Book (1907) Pg. 71 -(in the back of the book). David’s Son, William Sterling, became a “freeman” in Massachusetts on May 11, 1681*”

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