MacKane, John

Battle:Battle of Worcester in Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Ship/Arrival:John & Sara, May 1652
Prisoner and List:
Name Variations:
Other SPOW Associations:
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Published on: 29 Mar 2016
Updated: 14 Feb 2019
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Mackane, John.* NEHGR, [McKenney?] Of Black Point (Scarborough), Maine. On the John and Sara Passenger List.

The Suffolk Deeds: Liber -I-II [1629-56], by Suffolk County (Mass .), John Tyler Hassam.

Name Variations: Mackane, Mackshane, Mackanny, Mackshawine, etc, etc, before evolving to Mackenny (D.M.)

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First Generation in the New World

1. JOHN¹ MACKANE/MACKENNEY, was born in Scotland c1630 and drowned in the Ogunquit River, York County, Maine, in 1697. He married at Black Point near Scarborough, Maine between 1668-1672, Unknown.1

Biographical Notes:
1. From Don McKinney at:, on 5 Sep 2018:
“John Mackane/Mackenny, the Scottish prisoner #112 on the ship “John & Sara“, was born ca 1630 & was married 1668/72 at Black Point near Scarborough, Maine, but the name of his wife is unknown. His only known son was Robert, born ca 1670, who married widow Rebecca Sparks in New Hampshire 1692. The Indians became too dangerous at Black Point, Scarborough, Maine during 1690’s & they all settled in New Hampshire, Kittery & Wells, Maine area where John drowned in the Ogunquit River in 1697. Son Robert returned to Black Point to reclaim his father’s land during the early 1700’s.”
3. John MacKane (Mac-Ka-ne) is on the passenger list for the ship John and Sara, bound for New England. He is believed to be a Scottish POW from the Battle of Worcester on 3 Sep 1651.

Children of John and (__________) Mackenny:
2. ROBERT² MACKENNY, born in Maine c1670; married in New Hampshire in 1692, widow, REBECCA SPARKS.

Second Generation

2. ROBERT² MACKENNY, born in Maine c1670; married in New Hampshire in 1692, widow, REBECCA SPARKS.

Children of Robert and Rebecca (Sparks) Mackenny:

Third Generation


Children of Robert and Margaret (Jameson) McKenney:

Sources and Notes:
On 11 Sep 2018, Don McKinney wrote, “John’s name appeared in records as Mackane, Mackshane, Mackanny, Mackshawine, etc, etc, before evolving to Mackenny. John’s only son Robert “never used” the name Mackane whose name normally appeared as Mackenny, sometimes Mackenney. Robert’s sons, including Robert Jr, dropped the a in Mac & eventually standardized the name to McKenney during the mid-1730’s.”
On 05 Sep 2018, Don McKinney, wrote, “There is NO KNOWN CONNECTION between the Maccane families of Wrentham MA & John Mackane/Mackenny #112 on the “John & Sara” who later settled in Black Point, Scarborough, Maine.”

On 08 April 2018, Jean McKenney wrote, “I am not descendants of any of these but you can add me to John Mackane (? McKenney) on John and Sarah. Jean Peretti McKenney: – researcher/ husband & 3 sons are descendants. I have history of John Mackane/McKenney from c 1668 when he showed up in Black Point/Scarborough,ME.

On 22 November 2016, Donald E. McKinney said,
I have been researching our immigrant ancestor John Mackenny of Scarborough, Maine for over 35 years. My distant cousin, Dottie McKenney Chapman, is descended from my ancestor Andrew Jackson McKenney’s brother Horace, who were sons of Richard McKenney from Stetson, Maine.
(Richard/Robert/Robert/Robert/Robert/John the immigrant). Dottie & I agree with the conclusions of most reliable & foremost New England researchers & historians that our John Mackenny/Mackanny was the Scottish prisoner listed as “John Mackane” transported to Boston in 1652 on the ship “John & Sarah” after the Battle of Worcester.” ~ Donald E. McKinney, Jr


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