McCall, Robert

Battle:Battle of Dunbar in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
Ship/Arrival:Unity, Dec 1650
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Published: 20 Jan 2015
Updated: 13 Mar 2020
Researchers: Ray Rolla McCall, Teresa Rust
Editor: Teresa Rust

Name variations: McKalba, M’Call, McCall, MacKall

First Generation in the New World

1. ROBERT¹ MCCALL, was born likely in Scotland.

Biographical Notes:
Submitted by descendant and researcher, Ray Rolla McCall:
Documents and/or publications which identify Robert M’Call/McCall as a Scottish Prisoner of War from the Battle of Dunbar on 3 Sep 1650: Military Pop “Battle of Dunbar” 1650: “McKalba, Robert, Captain of foot”
Robert McCall is suspected by Ray Rolla McCall as being the brother of James Mackall/McCall. Written and submitted by Ray Rolla McCall, Esq, Captain & Armiger of Clan MacKall (Caithness) “Captain Robert MacKall was believed to have been born in 1602 in Scotland. His parents were Samuel MacKall, Gentleman of Glasgow and Margaret Dundas (daughter of Robert Dundas, son of Sir George Dundas of Dundas). Samuel was the son of James MacKall, Baron of Caithness. Robert and his brother James MacKall fled Scotland due to non-conformity to the Roman Catholic Church. They fled to their ancestral homeland of Ulster Ireland, where Clan MacKall lived before the 5th century. When the King was planning on retaking his throne he asked his people to rally to him. Loyal Subjects they were and they returned to serve as Captains in the King’s Lyfe Guard of Foote. There are records showing that Robert may have also have been both a Captain of Foote and Horse. They served under Sir Colonel Alexander Stewart (the King’s cousin). During the battle the retreat was sounded and Sir Colonel Alexander Stewart ordered his own company to protect the retreat. At that time Captains James and Robert MacKall, declared “ad ultimum” (to the last). Both of their companies fought, bled, and died in place. Ad Ultimum has been our Clan War Cry ever since. Three McCalls are known to have survived the battle and sent to the Americas, after being marched to Durham Cathedral. Our clan now thrives in America. We have been soldiers, politicians, governors, and farmers. We are proud to be Americans and very proud of our heritage. It is unknown if Robert MacKall had any descendants. We do know that he went South after his indenture ended. Robert MacKall was the grandson of Baron James MacKall of Caithness, however at the moment all records of his coat of arms are either destroyed or lost. His brothers line had a new coat of arms given to it. Please see the Clan MacKall webpage on Facebook.”