Forbes, Daniel (alias Forbush)

Battle:Battle of Dunbar at Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland on 3 Sep 1650
Ship/Arrival:The ketch, Unity; Dec 1650, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Prisoner and List:Daniel Forbes (alias Forbush), #24 on George S. Stewart’s Captured at Dunbar list
Name Variations:Forbes, Farrabus, Farrabas, Forbush, Forbysh, Fforbes, Ffarrabas, Fferebas, Furbush, Farrowbush, Farrabush Name may have changed in this order in New England: Farrabus>Forbush>Forbes
Residences:Cambridge and Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
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Published: 04 Dec 2014 Updated: 19 Sep 2020
Researchers: Michael Forbush, Andrew Millard, Teresa Rust
Editor: Teresa Rust

First Generation in the New World

1. DANIEL¹ FORBES/FARRABAS, was born, presumably in Scotland and died at Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts in Oct 1687. He married, first, at Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts on 27 Mar 1660, REBECCA/H PERRIMAN. He married, second, in Cambridge on 22 May 1679, DEBORAH REDIAT.

Biographical Notes:
1. According to, Christopher Gerrard, Pam Graves, Andrew Millard, Richard Annis, and Anwen Caffell, Lost Lives, New Voices: Unlocking the Stories of the Scottish Soldiers at the Battle of Dunbar 1650, (England: Oxbow Books, 2018), on page 253, Daniel is categorized as: Possible [that he is a Dunbar prisoner transported on the Unity] Forbes/Forbush/Farrabus/Farrabas/Forbysh/Fforbes/Ffarrabas/Fferebas/
Furbush/Farrowbush/Farrabush, Daniel. Residences: Cambridge, Marlborough MA. Appears: 1660. B.c.1633. D.1687. [Exiles; DR; SPOWS; Ch.7] For explanations of the category, abbreviations and references see List of Dunbar prisoners from Lost Lives, New Voices.
2. Daniel’s widow, “Mrs. Deborah Farrowbush” married on 22 May 1688, ALEXANDER STUART. They moved to North Brookfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and you can read about them at: History of North Brookfield, Massachusetts by Josiah Howard Temple, page 588-591.
3. #41 William Furbush is #36 Daniel Forbes brother. This is from some research that I have done. By November 11, 1650 Sir Arthur Haselrig was told to deliver 150 prisoners Augustine Walker the master of the ship Unity. Among these prisoners were Daniel and William Forbes. Walker sold Daniel and William Forbes to Samson Angier of Kittery, Maine for £30 each. William remained with Samson while Daniel was either sold or given to his brother Edmund Angier of Cambridge, Massachusetts.~Michael Forbush

Children of Daniel and Rebeccah (Perriman) Forbes/Forbush:
2. i. DANIEL² FORBUSH, born at Cambridge on 20 Nov 1664 [VR below], married Unknown (_____).
2. ii. THOMAS² FORBUSH, b. at Cambridge on 7 Mar 1667, married DORCAS RICE.
2. iii. ELIZABETH² FORBUSH, b. at Cambridge, 16 Mar 1669; d. at Southborough, Worcester, Massachusetts on 27 Apr 1746; m. ROGER BRUCE.
2. iv. REBECCA² FORBUSH, b. at Concord on 15 Feb 1671/2; d. at Westboro on 28 Jan 1768 age 93, m. JOSEPH BYLES.
2. v. SAMUEL² FORBUSH, born about 1674; married ABIGAIL RICE.

Children of Daniel and Deborah (Rediat) Forbes:
2. vi. JOHN² FORBUSH, born in 1681; married MARTHA BOWKER.
2. vii. ISAAC² FORBUSH, b. on 30 Oct 1682, Nothing further known.
2. viii. JONATHAN² FORBUSH, b. on 12 Mar 1684, m. HANNAH HOLLOWAY.

Second and Third Generations

2. i. DANIEL² FORBUSH, (Daniel¹) born at Cambridge on 20 Mar 1664. He married, Unknown (_____). See: Forbes and Forbush Genealogy below.

2. ii. THOMAS² FORBUSH, (Daniel¹) born at Cambridge on 6 Mar 1667. He married DORCAS RICE.

Children of Thomas and Dorcas (Rice) Forbush:

3. i. AARON³ FORBUSH, (Thomas², Daniel¹),
3. ii. THOMAS³ FORBUSH, (Thomas², Daniel¹),
3. iii. TABITHA³ FORBUSH, (Thomas², Daniel¹),
3. iv. REBECCA³ FORBUSH, (Thomas², Daniel¹),
3. v. EUNICE³ FORBUSH, (Thomas², Daniel¹),

2. iii. ELIZABETH² FORBUSH,(Daniel¹), b. at Cambridge, 16 Mar 1669; d. at Southborough, Worcester, Massachusetts on 27 Apr 1746; m. ROGER BRUCE.

Children of Roger and Elizabeth (Forbush) Bruce:

3. i. SAMUEL³ BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. at Marlborough on 24 Mar 1691; d. at Holden, Mass. on 16 dec 1741; m. ELIZABETH TOWNSEND.
3. ii. ABIDJAH BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. at Marlborough on 27 Nov 1693; at Westborough on 2 Dec 1774; m. MARY (_____).
3. iii. ELISHA BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. at Framingham on 14 Sep 1695; d. at Hopkinton, Mass. 10 Jan 1770; m. SILENCE BRUCE.
3. iv. REBECCA BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. Framingham on 22 Feb 1695; d. 16 Dec 1733.
3. v. SARAH BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. at Sutton, Mass. in 1700; at Westborough on 29 Jul 1747; m. JAMES MILLER.
3. vi. DANIEL BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. at Marlborough on 22 Feb 1701; d. at Berlin, Mass. on 13 Feb 1790.
3. vii. THOMAS BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. at Marlborough on 5 Feb 1703; d. at Bolton, Mass. on 2 March 1743.
3. viii. HANNAH BRUCE, (Elizabeth², Daniel¹), b. at Marlborough on 18 Feb 1705

2. iv. REBECCA² FORBUSH, (Daniel¹) was born at Concord on 15 Feb 1671/2 and died at Westborough on 28 Jan 1768 at the age of 93. She married, JOSEPH BYLES.

2. v. SAMUEL² FORBUSH, (Daniel¹) was born about 1674. He married ABIGAIL RICE.

Children of Samuel and Abiagil (Rice) Forbush:
3. i. SAMUEL FORBUSH, (Samuel², Daniel¹)

2. vi. JOHN² FORBUSH, (Daniel¹) was born at Marlborough in 1681. He married on 30 Nov 1704, MARTHA BOWKER.

Children of John and Martha (Bowker) Forbush:
3. i. JOHN³ FORBUSH, (John², Daniel¹), b. 1710; m. EUNICE HOUGHTON.
3. ii. MARTHA³ FORBUSH, (John², Daniel¹), b. 1714; m. JOHN GOULD.
3. iii. DAVID³ FORBUSH, (John², Daniel¹), b. 1718; m. RUTH (_____).

2. vii. ISAAC² FORBES, (Daniel¹) was born in Massachusetts on 30 Oct 1682, Nothing further known.

2. viii. JONATHAN² FORBUSH/FORBES, (Daniel¹) was born at Marlborough, Massachusetts on 12 Mar 1684 and died at Westboro in 1768, aged 84. He married, in 1706, HANNAH HOLLOWAY.

Biographical Notes:
Jonathan TOOK THE NAME OF FORBES. He became a deacon in Westboro in 1738.

Children of Jonathan and Hannah (Holloway) Forbes:
3. i. MARY FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. at Marlborough on 31 Dec 1706
3. ii. DINAH FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. on 29 July 1708
3. iii. DANIEL FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. in Oct 1710
3. iv. THANKFUL FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. on 1 Dec 1712
3. v. JONATHAN FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. on 3 Feb 1715
3. vi. ABIGAIL FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. at Westboro on 17 Feb 1718
3. vii. PATIENCE FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. on 26 Feb 1720
3. viii. PHINEAS FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. 4 Mar 1721
3. ix. ELI FORBES, (Jonathan², Daniel¹), b. at Newton on 26 Oct 1726

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The ruins of Corse Castle, the ancient seat of the Forbes family, stand some three miles to the north.
History of North Brookfield, Massachusetts by Josiah Howard Temple. (Lots of information about the family.)Torrey's New England Marriages to 1700 (9) 2

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Submitted by Michael Forbush –
Pierce, Frederick Clifton. Forbes and Forbush Genealogy: The Descendants of Daniel Forbush, who Came from Scotland about the Year 1655 and Settled in Marlborough, Mass., in 1675. (Harvard University, 1892), (Google eBook, 2008).

The first record of Daniel Fforbes, or Forbes, or Ffarrabas, that I can find in this country is in Cambridge, Massachusetts when he married, March 26, 1660, Rebecca Perriman, who is supposed to be the sister of Thomas Perriman, who was of Weymouth, 1652 an apprentice of Mrs. Dorothy Hunt; and of Frances Perriman who married, June 8, 1654; Isaac Andrew, of Cambridge. The son, Isaac Jr. b. 1656; m. Jane Rutter, and resided in Marlborough, where he was an early settler. The father died April 7, 1759(sic), and his widow, Frances, m. Febuary 14, 1662, Richard Cutter, and had several children. He died June 1693, and she died 1725.

It was customary in the early colonial times for the males over twenty to be admitted as freemen before they became entittled to suffrage, but I can not learn that Daniel was ever made a freeman. The priviledge was earnestly desired by every man, and all freemen at that early period were required to be “orthodox,” members of the church, twenty years old, and worth £200. The oath sworn at admission required them to be “true and faithful” subjects of the common wealth; to “yield, assistance and support thereunto” with person and estate; maintain and preserve all her “liberties and privileges;” submit to her “wholesome laws;” never “plot and practice” evil against her; nor “consent to any that shall so do, but “timely discover and reveal the same to lawful authority for the speedy preventing thereof.” Moreover, they solemnly bound themselves “in the sight of God,” that whenever called to give voice “touching any such matter of the State” where freemen were to deal, they would give their “vote and suffrage” as they judged in their own conscience might best “conduce and tend to the public weal of the body” without respect of the persons or favor of man.

February 27, 1664 and March 27, 1665 Daniel Ffarrabas was granted by thee town of Cambridge these several lots as followeth; and also agreed that the interest of each person in the low commons shall be in proportion with the number herein inserted, and that no more proprietors shall be allowed without unanimous consent. [Cambridge town records.] Daniel Fferebas was in the employ of Edmund Angier, of Cambridge, and was warned out of town. (The footnotes explain that Edmund Angier was licensed to sell liquor, and his father owned a grocery and bar on the corner of Dunster and Mt. Auburn Streets. This Edmund was the brother of Samson Angier of Kittery and it was thought that Daniel Ffarabas went to Cambridge and entered the employ of Edmund through the efforts of Samson. If this is the case, Daniel is the brother of William.) But Daniel Ffarrabas was a man of character, stood well in Cambridge, was doubtless a church member; had his land set off to him by the authorities. [The land was sold to Edmund Angier.]

“Warned out of town” was a common occurrence in those early days, by the constable of the town. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, all had warnings upon moving their residence into another town, or coming in to tarry there for a short time. No offense was taken at such messages from the constable, and they passed unheaded. Yet, not in every instance–for a family of property and good standing came in from other States who knew nothing of such a practice and upon setting down to abide in one of the towns was warned “by authority” and “without a what or a wherefore,” to depart town. The astonished husband laid it to heart, and discussed inquiringly with his wife what it could mean. She could not for the life of her imagine what it was for! “Have you said or done anything here to give offense?” quoth she, looking up at his face. ” I have done no more than civilly pass the time o’day with the people since we have been here.” “Well then, who knows but they think we have got the small-pox?” Thus they querried, but could not account for it. The husband, having laid awake upon it during the night told his wife in the morning that he was going to pack up his things and go somewhere else, ” for this is no great of a place after all!”

March 19, 1671, Daniel and Rebecca Ffarabas conveyed five acres of land in Cambridge to Edmund Angier, being land conveyed to Daniel by the town of Cambridge, March 27, 1665.

“When Daniel Ffarabas conveyed land to Edmund Angier, on moving to Marlboro he signed the conveyance with a cross-his name being put above and below, Daniel thus X the evidence that he could not write and, what more natural than a clerk Farrabas writing it in two syllables, and copying the broad Scotch dialect, should spell it Farrabas.

It is likely Daniel Forbush was among the 10,000 Scottish prisoners taken by Lord Cromwell at the Battle of Dunbar on September 3, 1650. Many of these prisoners were exiled to the British colonies.

Is this where the name “Farrabas” came from? I have corresponded with an old clergyman in Scotland who lives in the only town where in any century I have found the name “Daniel Forbes.” He said that Forbes is even now (1892) prnounced in that place as if it were in two syllables and broadly, so that it sounds like Farrabas, Far-r-bes. Pronounce the first syllable like “far” then trill the “r”, then pronounce the “bes” as a syllable, and you have Farrabas. Moreover, the first Daniel did not write, and the name was written for him as he pronounced it. Now, in 1660, in this Scotch borough there was a young man holding some landed property, who was described as the nephew and heir of Daniel Forbes, but it was not said that Daniel Forbes was dead, only he seems to be absent. Now, suppose he was of the number of Scotch soldiers that were taken by Cromwell in some of his battles, and sent along with the rest to the colonies. This gives a clew to the whole, and this is my theory. – Edwin F. Waters

The records of Marlboro just prior to 1700 were kept in a most meagre state. It was not far from 1681 that Daniel and his wife moved to Marlboro. For a long time this town was sort of a way station, a place for a temporary sojourn for the families which were bound for towns further west.

Daniel’s wife Rebecca, died May 3, 1677 and he married second May 23, 1679 Deborah Rediat of Concord, who was the daughter of John Rediat of Sudbury, who was a freeman in 1645; by his wife Ann (Volt or Dolt) he had John b. April 19, 1644; Samuel b. October 22, 1653, who died in a few weeks; Eliza b. 12 Aug. 1657; Deborah, b. 1652; Mehitable, who m. Nathaniel Oaks and d. s. p. Nov. 25, 1702, and perhaps others. Deborah was m. at Concord to Daniel Farabas, as his second wife.

John Ridat was probably born in England in 1612 and came to America in the good ship “Confidence” of London, of which John Jobson was master, in 24th of April 1638. At that time he was 26 years of age and with John Blareford and Richard Bidlcombe were servants to Walter Hayne of Sutton Manfield, the now Sutton Manderville, England. – Founders of New England, p. 53 by S.G. Drake.

In September, 1657, John Ridat’s name appears among a list of additional original owners to the town of Marlboro. In the division of house lots, November 26th, John Ridat was granted 22 1/2 acres of land. There were thirty-eight owners and 993 1/2 acres were divided. In 1664 John Ridat was one of nine petitioners to the magistrate for permission to establish a church – setting forth, that distance from the church at Sudbury, of which they were all members, rendered it inconvenient to go there to enjoy church privileges.

John Rediat had land granted to him within the present limits of Northboro in 1672; it was “on the Nepmuck road that formerly led toward Coneticoat.” A grant was made by the General Court to John Rediat, “west of Assebeth River, northwest of Chauney Great Pond, bounded on the east by a spuce swamp” and another “on Nepmuck road that formerly led to Coneticoat.” The former of these grants was afterward the farm of Nathanial Oaks who married John Rediet’s daughter, and subsequently belonged to Rev. John Martyn and Rev. Peter Whitney.

October 1, 1675, a meeting of the citizens was called, and John Rediat attended. Arrangements were made for the better protection of the inhabitants from the Indians. Rediat’s will is dated, Marlboro, Feb 5, 1687 and proven April 28. Deborah got quite a little property from her father.

After Daniel’s death, in October 1687 at Marlboro, his widow was married May 22, 1688 to Alexander Stewart. He was in Marlboro as early as 1687, and according to the county records, was married to Mrs. Daniel Farrowbush in 1688. He died April 6, 1731, leaving Mary b. Feb 13, 1689, Daniel b. Feb 6, 1691, m. Dec 12, 1718, Persis Witt and he had nine children; Alexander b. Jan 15, 1696. In 1768 a notice appeared in a Boston newspaper refering to Rev. Jonathan Forbes of Marlboro and a sister of “half blood”. This half blood refers to Mary b. 1689.

Alexander Stewart was a shipwright and resided in Charleston; his first wife’s name was Hannah and by her he had John, James, Hannah, Samual, and Margaret who were all baptized May 9, 1675. Hannah, the wife died Aug 21, 1674. He had come to Charleston from another town were he was not a church member. and removed to Marlboro where he married Mrs. Deborah (Rediat) Forbush. She is called by some his third wife, but I think she was his second. She died April 20, 1720, ae. 68 and was born in 1652.

Daniel was a resident of Cambridge, Concord and Marlborough, Mass.

Daniel had the following children with Rebecca (Perriman):
i. Daniel born Cambridge March 20, 1664; married Dorthy Pray
ii. Thomas born Cambridge, March 6, 1667; married Dorcas Rice
iii. Elizabeth born Cambridge, March 16, 1669; Nothing further known.
iv. Rebecca born Concord, Feb. 15, 1672; married Joseph Byles she died in Westboro Jan 28, 1768 age 93.
v. Samuel born about 1674; married Abigail Rice

Daniel had the following children with Deborah (Rediat):
vi. John born 1681; married Martha Bowker
vii. Isaac b. Oct. 30, 1682; Nothing Further Known
viii. Jonathan born March 12, 1684; married Hannah (Haywood) (Farrar) Holloway