Stewart, Duncan

Battle:Battle of Dunbar in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
Ship/Arrival:Unity, Dec 1650
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Published: 05 Jan 2015,
Updated: 24 May 2019
Researchers: Dr. Andrew Millard, Teresa Rust, Cathi Lyman’s Stuart
Editor: Teresa Rust

Duncan Stewart, #101 on George S. Stewart’s Captured at Dunbar List

According to, Christopher Gerrard, Pam Graves, Andrew Millard, Richard Annis, and Anwen Caffell, in, Lost Lives, New Voices: Unlocking the Stories of the Scottish Soldiers at the Battle of Dunbar 1650, (England: Oxbow Books, 2018), on page 252, Duncan is categorized as: Probable [that he is a Dunbar prisoner transported on the Unity] Stewart, Duncan. Residences: Bradford, MA; Ipswich, MA; Newbury, MA; and Rowley, MA. Appears: 1654. D.1717. Servant to George Hadley. [Exiles; DR; SPOWS; Ch.8] For explanations of the category, abbreviations and references see List of Dunbar prisoners from Lost Lives, New Voices.

First Generation in the New World

1. DUNCAN¹ STEWART was born, presumably in Scotland about 1617 and died at Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts on 30 Aug 1717*. He married in Essex County*, Massachusetts in Apr 1654*, ANN WINCHURST*.

Children of Duncan and Ann (Winchurst) Stewart:
2. i. KATHERINE² STEWART, b. at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts on 8 Jun 1658; m. PAUL WENTWORTH.
2. ii. MARTHA² STEWART, b. at Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts on 4 Apr 1659; m. JOHN WENTWORTH and COLIN FRAZER.
2. iii. CHARLES² STEWART, b. at Newbury on 5 Jun 1661
2. iv. ELIZABETH² STEWART, b. at Newbury on 2 Nov 1662; m. SYLVANUS WENTWORTH.
2. v. JAMES² STEWART,+ b. at Newbury on 8 Oct 1664; d. at Rowley
2. vi. HENRY² STEWART, b. at Newbury on 1 May 1669
2. vii. EBENEZER² STUART,+ b. at Rowley in 1673; d. at Rowley bef. 23 Feb 1746; m.23 May 1698, ELIZABETH JOHNSON.
2. viii. SAMUEL² STEWART, b. at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
2. ix. JOHN² STEWART, born at Newbury Feb. or Mar 1666; died at Rowley

Second Generation

2. i. KATHERINE² STEWART, (Duncan¹), was born at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, on 8 Jun 1658. She married, PAUL WENTWORTH.

Biographical Notes:
Wentworth, John (1815-1888). The Wentworth Genealogy: English and American, (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1878), page 151-153. Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of California and uploaded to

Children of Paul and Katherine (Stewart) Wentworth:
3. i. WILLIAM WENTWORTH, (Katherine², Duncan¹), b. 25 Dec 1680.
, (Katherine², Duncan¹), b. 28 Feb 1681.
, (Katherine², Duncan¹), b. 10 May 1682
, (Katherine², Duncan¹), b. 18 Jun 1683.
, (Katherine², Duncan¹), b. in Mass. on 9 Feb 1684; m. at Kittery, SAMUEL LORD.

2. ii. MARTHA² STEWART (Duncan¹), was born at Newbury, Massachusetts, on 4 Apr 1659. She married, first, JOHN WENTWORTH. She married, second, COLIN FRAZER.

2. iii. CHARLES² STEWART (Duncan¹), was born at Newbury on 5 Jun 1661.

2. iv. ELIZABETH² STEWART (Duncan¹), was born at Newbury, on 2 Nov 1662. She married, SYLVANUS WENTWORTH.

2. v. JAMES² STUART/STEWART+ (Duncan¹), was born at Newbury, on 8 Oct 1664 and died at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

Children of James² Stewart:
3. i. CHARLES³ STEWART, (James ², Duncan¹)
3. ii. EDWARD³ STEWART, (James ², Duncan¹)
3. iii. SOLOMON³ STEWART/STEWARD, (James ², Duncan¹)
3. iv. ELIZABETH³ STEWART, (James², Duncan¹)

2. vi. HENRY² STUART/STEWART, (Duncan¹), was born at Newbury, on 1 May 1669.

2. vii. EBENEZER² STUART,+ (Duncan¹), was born at Rowley, Essex, Mass, about 1673 and died at Rowley.

Children of Ebenezer² Stuart:
3. i. SARAH³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹), b. 10 May 1699 m. WEBSTER
3. ii. ROBERT³ STUART+(Ebenezer², Duncan¹), b. 26 Nov 1701
3. iii. RICHARD³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹), b. 15 Oct 1704 m. JUDITH POOR.
3. iv. JOHN³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹),
3. v. ELIZABETH³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹),
3. vi. ANN³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹),
3. vii. MERCY³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹),
3. viii. MARY³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹),
3. ix. CHARLES³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹),
3. x. JANE³ STUART (Ebenezer², Duncan¹),

2. viii. SAMUEL² STUART/STEWART (Duncan¹) b. Rowley

2. ix. JOHN² STUART/STEWART (Duncan¹), b. Rowley d. Rowley

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I’ve been trying to prove my family connection to Duncan Stewart for a while now. He was never a ship builder. He was a farmer who was a tenant of one of the Dummer Family when he lived in Newbury (the land is now the Caldwell Farm Estates). After he moved to Rowley he was able to buy and sell land in Massachusetts and in the Maine Province. ~ Peg Plummer
Genealogical and Family History of the STATE OF MAINE
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The Stewart Clan Magazine found at:

Duncan Stewart is believed to be a Scottish prisoner of war from the Battle of Dunbar on 3 Sep 1650. He would have arrived in Charlestown, Massachusetts in late Dec 1650 on the ship Unity and would have been indentured for about seven years. Many of the SPOWs did not marry until after their indentured period and so the date of Duncan and Ann’s marriage seems quite early considering his circumstances. But then there is this record:
“Court held at Ipswich, Mar. 28, 1654:
Duncan Stewartt…and An Winchest [both servants to George Hadley] to be whipped for fornication, the man that afternoon and the woman when she should be called out by the magistrates, after she was delivered. Together they were to bring up the child and pay charges.”

Torrey's New England Marriages to 1700 (11)
Marriage Record of Duncan and Ann: Torrey’s New England Marriages Prior to 1700. (Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.) Originally published as: New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Boston, Mass.: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2015.

Stuart, Joseph Alonzo. Genealogical History of the Duncan Stuart Family in America: Our Branch and Its Connections. Together with a Tracing of the Ancestry and Origin of the Various Branches, (Caxton Press, 1894) page 4.
“I obtained the names of the three “Rowley
children” from David G# Raskins, Jr.. Esq., of Boston,
descendant of Jane, youngest sister of Robert, who married William Davis, beforementioned as settling on her brother’s
land in Newtown. Under date of Dee. 10, 1892, he says
“I discovered it about year ago at Salem in deed dated
April 16, 1718, recorded vol. 37, fol. 230, in which James
Stuart, of Boxford, John Stuart, of Rowley, Samuel Stewart,
of Wells, Ebenezer Stuart, of Rowley, the ouly surviving
brothers of Charles Stuart, of Newbury, deceased, convey
to Stephen Greenleaf certain land which had been conveyed
by our honored father, Dunkin Stewart.’ This deed
-could not have been more satisfactory if it had been drawn
on purpose to convey genealogical information to later generations.”

¹ “McCutcheon (Cutcheon) fam. Recds. And allied fams. By Flor. (McCutcheon) McKee. Grand Rapids, 1931. (316, 46p.):275” found at:
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Original data: Godfrey Memorial Library. American Genealogical-Biographical Index. Middletown, CT, USA: Godfrey Memorial Library.
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Stuart, Joseph Alonzo. Genealogical History of the Duncan Stuart Family in America: Our Branch and Its Connections. Together with a Tracing of the Ancestry and Origin of the Various Branches, (Caxton Press, 1894), (Available free at Google eBook)

Stories From Ipswich and the North Shore Includes stories about Rowley. Message Boards:
“I am a direct descendant of Duncan Stewart and have been researching the family line back to 1066 AD. At this point I have about 100 pages of data, and extensive data on Duncan Stewart of Rowley, MA. I plan to have a website with this data and a forum to help fill in the gaps. I should have it up by 1-15-04. www.GENEALOGYOFDUNCANSTEWART.US [This link isn’t working! I am attempting to contact this person as of today June 3rd]

Here is some of my info:
DUNCAN STEWART’s father was:
Alexander STEWART, 4th of Invernahyle
B. abt. 1590-1600 Scotland
D 1692, Scotland

Married: a daughter of Duncan Stewart, 5th Laird, 7th of Appin.
1. Alexander Stewart b. 1630
2. Duncan STEWART b.1625/23?
3. Donald -DONALD STEWART, 5th of Invernahyle
4. James
5. John Dhu
6. John More
7. Dugald
8. William
9. Allan
Note: Alexander and Duncan Stewart were captured at the Battle of DUNBAR and sent to America about 1650.
Note: Alexander Stewart, chief of a highland clan of pipers
Note: Dr. Thompson of Appin: “Alexander, the fourth Invernahyle, married______Stewart, only daughter of Duncan Stewart fifth Laird of Appin, and had issue twelve sons, who all came to the age of men , and went all one Sabbath to the church, along with their father, in kilted plaids and armed. Their names, so far as can be recollected , were in the following order: Donald,James, John Dhu, John More, George, Dugald, William, Alexander, Duncan and Allan.”
Birth: ABT. 1625/1623 in Scotland
Baptism: 23 Aug 1629 Kilmadock, Perth, ? Scotland
CAME TO AMERICA : ABT. 1650 prisoner of War, Battle of Dunbar
Death: 30 AUG 1717 in Rowley, Massachusetts
Residence: Ipswich, Newbury, Rowley, Mass.
[ Source: Gage’s History. of Rowley, Mass. & “50 Great Migrant Col. by Threfall, pg 465]Marriage: Ann Winchester b: ABT. 1630
Name: Ann Winchester / [Winchurst]Death: 9 JUL 1729 in Rowley, Massachusetts
~ Kenneth Stuart-Anderson at

12-2-2014: Correction on the above reference to STEWART, Alexander. This Alexander Stewart, 4th of Invernahyle, was father to sons Duncan and Alexander, who were captured at Dunbar. Alexander, the father, was not captured, and was not sent to America. I can email my extensive research ( I started around 2003) if you would like to compare and fill in the gaps…if anyone is interested.

Professor Kenneth Stuart-Anderson

Individual Stuart/Stewart Lines:

Cathi Lyman’s Stuart Ancestry…
Here is my Stuart line, from my grandmother, Mary Stuart, to Duncan Stuart:
Generation 1
1. Mary Stuart: born 20 Mar 1888 in Artesian, Sanborn, South Dakota, United States; died 19 Feb 1950 in Davison County, South Dakota.

Generation 2
2. Wilkes Scollard Stuart: born 20 Nov 1846 in Tyrone Township, Livingston County, Michigan; married 5 Oct 1880 in Marine City, Michigan; died 11 May 1933 in Woonsocket, South Dakota.
3. Laura Melvina Lewis: born 19 Apr 1855 in Osceola Township, Livingston County, Michigan; died 24 Mar 1898 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Generation 3
4. Steven Hopkins Stuart: born 19 Aug 1827 in Michigan; married 25 Feb 1846 in Hartland, Michigan; died 20 Nov 1865 in Hartland, Michigan.
5. Mary Elizabeth Scollard: born Jul 1830 in Wheatland, Monroe County, New York, United States; died 25 May 1905 in Woonsocket, South Dakota.

Generation 4
8. Wilkes Lysander Stuart: born 13 Jul 1803 in Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States; married 11 Apr 1826; died 16 Aug 1884 in Newaygo, Newaygo, Michigan.
9. Francis Hopkins: born 1805 in New York, United States; died 29 Nov 1877 in Sherman, Newaygo, Michigan.

Generation 5
16. Ebenezer Stuart: born 30 Jul 1777 in Leominster, Massachusetts, United States; possibly died 26 Jun 1816 in Richmond, Ontario, New York (have seen others say he died as a prisoner of war in Montreal, but I have found no documentation of his death or heirs.)
17. Susan Sukey Hale: born 7 May 1786 in Leominster, Massachusetts, United States; died 26 May 1861 in Ontario County, New York, United States.

Generation 6
32. Richard Stuart: born 1744 in Rowley, Massachusetts; married 11 Oct 1764 in Templeton, Worchester, Massachusetts; died 17 Jan 1832 in Leominster, Massachusetts.
33. Eunice Stuart: born abt 1742 in Rowley, Massachusetts, United States; died 13 Nov 1831 in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Generation 7
64. Richard Stuart: born 15 Oct 1704 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts; married 4 Apr 1728 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts; died 4 Nov 1777 in Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.
65. Judith Poore: born 8 Jul 1708 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts; died 25 Apr 1748 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.
66. John Stuart: born 20 Oct 1709 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States; married 10 Nov 1732 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts; died 1792 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.
67. Hannah Bailey: born 30 Jun 1709 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts; died 26 Oct 1792 in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Generation 8
128. Ebenezer Stuart: born 11 Sep 1676 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts; married 23 May 1698 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts; died 30 Apr 1749 in Byfield, Massachusetts. (Richard and John in Generation 7 were sons of Richard in Generation 8; Eunice and Richard were first cousins.)
129. Elizabeth Johnson: born 1677 in Rowley, Massachusetts; died 12 Apr 1749 in Byfield, Massachusetts.

Generation 9
256. Duncan Stuart: born 23 Aug 1629 in Kilmadock, Perth, Highlands, Scotland; married Apr 1654 in United States; died 30 Aug 1717 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.
257. Ann Winchurst: born 10 Dec 1632 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England; died 9 Jul 1729 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.

I do not have the documentation to prove all of it, but it appears that the documentation does exist. Someday I will actually have copies of said documentation, then I will be able to say that I have proof! I continue to hope that I will find some DNA links between my father and other descendants of Duncan and Anne, or even of closer cousins. I’m thinking he is the only one of Wilkes Lysander Stuart’s descendants who has done autosomal DNA testing!

Hope the ancestor information is what you are looking for.
Cathi Lyman